Levi Pack GmbH, based in Hamburg, takes pride in providing a web-to-print packaging solution. As a leading packaging company, we are headquartered in Hamburg. Our company offers direct customization workshops on-site as well as the most extensive collection of luxury packaging in all of Europe. These impressive advantages allow us to respond to our partners' and customers' requests in record time, delivering your custom packaging solutions in less than 15 days.

Levishop was launched to meet the growing demand for personalized packaging in smaller quantities. Leveraging our extensive experience in online packaging sales and our online shop for generic luxury packaging, we developed Levishop. This web-to-print packaging solution was designed to provide brands that want to use our services with tremendous creative freedom.

Our Hanseatic packaging company offers a nearly endless variety of packaging solutions. First and foremost, we provide custom packaging from A to Z, available in quantities starting at 1000 units and allowing unparalleled creative freedom. Feel free to contact us anytime to fulfill your custom packaging requirements.

This online shop allows you to order various types of generic packaging in a very short time. In fact, we are capable of delivering to you in less than 72 hours, even for very small quantities starting from 25 pieces, as well as printed packaging starting from 50 pieces.

As manufacturers of custom packaging, we can respond to the latest trends in innovative packaging. Our diverse and unique packaging techniques offer you almost limitless creative possibilities. Thus, we are a German-based packaging company enriching the market in Germany, France, Spain, and many other countries with outstanding solutions.

Levishop allows you to order and receive your personalized packaging, whether it's magnetic boxes, tissue paper, labels, or e-commerce boxes, extremely quickly within Europe, all in less than 15 days. Ordering with Levishop is highly straightforward - simply follow these steps:

1) Choose the desired packaging.

2) Personalize your customizable packaging online or offline with your logo, images, and text.

3) Select the desired quantity.

4) Place your order and receive your personalized packaging in less than 15 days.

Choosing personalized packaging can be crucial for businesses. With our nearly 15 years of experience in personalized packaging, we are here to expertly assist you in bringing your projects to life.